When walking to and from the office and/or around town, having the perfect cross body bag ties the modern woman’s look together. Whether one is looking for something fashionable, durable, or something that holds a lot of stuff, the cross body bag is a must-have accessory in today’s world. But which of these bags are the best? Well, here are 10 cross body bags to consider purchasing.

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1. Steve Madden Blocks Cross Body Bag: If you want to make a cute statement on the town without getting an ugly bank statement at the end of the month, this is the bag for you. Steve Madden made his mark with fashionable, affordable women’s footwear, and his foray into cross body bags looks like it will be equally as successful. This bag sports a 53.5-inch adjustable shoulder strap (shaped like a belt), with two belt-like straps and a gold buckle that clasps down on the exterior pocket. Inside you have a back wall zipper pocket and two multi-dimensional pockets. In colors such as aqua, lime, lemon, and raspberry, this durable bag makes quite a statement when you’re on the town.

2. Nine West Pick Your Pleasure Crossbody Med Crossbody Bag: This bag does have an excessively long name, but it also has a pretty excessive record of success. In the same intermediate price range as the Steve Madden bag, the Nine West Bag is a little more low-key on the exterior, as it is available in colors such as black, black and white, white and carob brown, and oyster blue. This makes this bag a little more appropriate for business and formal functions while also showing a keen fashion sense. The polyvinyl chloride bag comes with an adjustable crossbody strap, a kiss lock, and two top-zip compartments. It’s not the biggest bag, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

3. Roxy Abroad Cross Body: This medium-sized bag is perfect for a walk in the park or going to the gym, as its size allows it to carry items such as books easily without looking like a huge, obtrusive garment bag. It’s intermediately priced, which — coupled with its durability — makes it a very good purchase. The Roxy is also available in a wide range of colors, from cinnamon to baltic blue to tropical pink, making it an option for looking fashionable on the town or for wearing to a business meeting. The Roxy is 100 percent vinyl with a 53-inch adjustable shoulder strap and an array of interior pockets.

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4. Travelon Luggage Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag: This bag is not only fashionable and reasonably priced, it’s a perfect bag for out-of-town travel due to all of its secure compartments. The Travelon is not a bag that you are going to carry weighty merchandise in, as it’s only 11 inches wide and 14 inches high, but it’s great for IDs, passports, wallets, phones, and change. The Travelon has two exterior pockets plus two zipper pockets in the front and the back of the vinyl bag. Inside the bag is even more compartments, including a shielded pocket for particularly noteworthy valuables. This bag is available in darker colors such as black, purple, chocolate and midnight, along with stone.

5. kate spade new york Cobble Hill Mini Carson Cross-Body Handbag: Of the bags that have been mentioned thus far, this one is easily the most expensive. But with that expense comes fashion, as you would expect. The kate spade bag is made out of 100 percent cow leather and is available in a wide variety of colors to match your mood when toting it around. On one spectrum you have black, with ablaze (a bright shade of orange) on the other and colors such as grace blue, light smoke and affogato in the middle. This bag isn’t just a trophy though, as it has an interior wall zipper pocket along with an exterior pocket to store valuables.

6.Hippie Elephant Sling Crossbody Bag Purse Thai Top Zip Handmade: From one extreme to the other, we go from one of the most expensive bags on the market to one of the most affordable. This bag definitely fits the “hippie” concept, not only in price but in practice, as it has the ability to hold high volumes of supplies and accessories along with doubling as a shoulder bag. Don’t let the extremely affordable price fool you, as this bag is not only durable with its strong cotton fabric, but also is good for the fashion conscious with its elephant floral print exterior. It’s not something you’ll take to a pricey dinner, but it’s perfect for the park, camping, or a concert.

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7.Women’s 9″ Swingpack Purse Bag: If you are looking for a small bag with a lot of sassiness, this is the cross body bag that you are looking for. Of all the bags mentioned on this list, this one has the most possible exterior color combinations. Pink, black, orange, aqua, leopard — you name the color combo, you can probably find it in this bag. Coupled with the affordability of the Swingpack Purse, and you could buy a bag for countless moods and situations. This bag, while small, also brings practicality with its sass, as its two exterior zipper pockets and interior pockets are perfect to store wallets, change, phones and makeup while on the go.

8. KAVU Keeper Bag: The KAVU Keeper Bag has always been a fan favorite, and for very good reason. It has a bit of a stylish earthy look, as its 100 percent cotton canvas makeup allow it to not only be durable and fashionable, but also allow it to be cleaned with the rest of the laundry (make sure you don’t leave your cell phone in the bag of course). The KAVU is reasonably priced and holds a more than reasonable amount of accessories and nick-nacks in its four individual compartments and its billowed pocket. Add that to an adjustable shoulder strap, snap closure and a variety of colors from magenta to holly leaf, and the KAVU is a soild choice.

9.Distressed ”Mini Cargo” Crossbody Swingpouch Bag: Cargo shorts might not be fashionable anymore (or fashionable ever), but the cargo shorts concept actually works pretty well when it comes to this cross body bag. It’s not exceptionally large or exceptionally expensive (it’s definitely in the reasonable price range), but the “Mini Cargo” is exceptional when it comes to storage space. There are seven exterior and three interior pockets in this bag, not only allowing you to carry any sort of little accessory that you want, but also keep them separate. That doesn’t even mention the top zipper and the storage there. It’s faux leather material and diverse color palate make this bag fitting for every occasion.

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10.Accessorize Black Crossbody Owl Shoulder Bag: if you want to start conversation, there might not be a better bag to purchase than this one because, quite frankly, it looks exactly like an owl. This leather bag comes with owl eyes, owl ears with a cute bow on the left ear, a golden nose that looks perfect when the bag is closed plus more golden trinkets further down the bag. This bag is extremely affordable and has a few different color choices depending on which “owl” you want to own. Now this isn’t a bag meant to be taken to a formal business meeting, but this is a perfect bag for an outing with the girls. It’s not big, but it’s big enough to keep your essentials secure.

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